UK holidaymakers have seemingly 'abandoned' their sun-drenched homes in the Canary Islands, including Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife, due to a transformative European Union rule change. It has recently come to light that UK nationals can only spend 90 days at a time in Spain.

This adherence to strict EU regulations, established a few years after the Brexit vote, has resulted in disgruntled UK travellers in the Canaries wanting to pack up and go home. Canary Island locals have hit the streets in their thousands to voice their objections against tourism claiming their region is 'not for sale'.

These protests are aiming to curtail the surge in short-term holiday lettings and hotel developments which is inflating local housing costs, reports Birmingham Live. Placards proclaiming 'We don't want to see our island die', 'Stop Hotels' and 'Canaries not for sale' were evident during these large-scale demonstrations.

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"It's not a message against the tourist, but against a tourism model that doesn't benefit this land and needs to be changed," voiced one demonstrator in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Antonio Bullon, another protester, said: "The authorities must immediately stop this corrupt and destructive model that depletes the resources and makes the economy more precarious. The Canary Islands have limits and people's patience has limits too."

The islands' president stated on Friday that he felt "proud" the region is a leading Spanish tourism spot, but conceded more controls are needed. The islands, home to two million residents, welcome a significantly larger number of holidaymakers each year.