Bristolians have witnessed another busy week of goings on, but how closely have you been paying attention? We at Bristol Live have compiled a news quiz on all our local headlines and some national ones that made up the week that was around here.

For instance we found out why there were mega delays for high speed commuters this week. Meanwhile on the tele box, one of our spirited locals was being praised for the drink. But if it's entertainment you're after, then this week we found out what could be coming our way on a rainy day.

If it's a chat you like, then brush up on your lingo if you're going out round here; as we found out just how many languages are now being spoken in Bristol. But it was shooting the breeze in a bigger way at one campsite around here this week that really put the wind up us.

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Well if all that's not a clue to what's to come in our quiz then we don’t know what is. Click start the quiz now and and tell us in the comments how many you got right: