A dentist-recommended teeth whitening range is running a three for two offer which could see shoppers saving over £25 on the "miracle" products that help make your smile brighter by cleaning stains that are caused from coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, red wine and smoking.

The offer allows shoppers to mix & match the My Sweet Smile powder, strips, pen and serum and get the cheapest item free. They'll also receive a complimentary upgrade to free next-day delivery. To take advantage of the offer, simply add three products to the basket and the offer will automatically apply.

One of the most popular My Sweet Smile products is the teeth whitening powder. It's made with Pentasodium Triphosphate, which cleans teeth without damaging them, so it's safe for even those with sensitive teeth.

Over 250,000 people have tried and reviewed the powder, giving it an overall score of 4.7 out of five. Many say their teeth look great after using it, hailing it "the best they've ever used."

One happy customer wrote: "I am 77 years old and I bought this thinking it's going to be like everything you see advertised but to my surprise it's made my old teeth look amazing I shall be ordering again."

Before and after teeth whitening
Before and after using the My Sweet Smile teeth whitening powder

Another said: "A really great product, not only does it remove stains it makes your teeth much whiter and brighter, it seems to be the only product I've found that actually leaves your teeth feeling clean and fresh. This was my 2nd order. With super speedy delivery as well."

If you're looking for a way to brighten your smile ahead of summer, this teeth whitening powder is definitely worth checking out. One satisfied customer raved: "Tried so many teeth white in products never believed they worked and always thought only a dentist can give you white teeth but this product is the best I've ever used used it over a week nearly 2 weeks my teeth have never looked so clean and the stains are going slowly I use the powder every 3 days and taste nice don't leave a rank taste after highly recommended."

Teeth whitening powder
The clever teeth whitening powder has been recommended by dentists

Of the negative reviews, one person said: "I can honestly say I’ve really not noticed much difference with my teeth. Certainly not with stains or plaque. Would not buy again. Turned out to be an expensive purchase." A second said: "Cleans teeth very well but this small tub is more like a sample tub as it didn’t really whiten my teeth by much. In my case I’d probably need a lot of these tubs for it to work."

Another user shared: "On my second pot now. Just can't believe how well on my stained 66-year-old teeth. I didn't want to smile at all because of staining from smoking and tea drinking. No cleaning at dentist for a few years has not helped. Within the first few days of using the powder the staining was going. Really happy with this product and will continue to use. Worth every penny."

You can also banish stubborn stains by shopping the PAP Teeth Whitening Strips, Precision Teeth Whitening Pen and the nHA+ Enamel Care Serum. Other brands worth considering are Dr Dent, who sell the strips for £29.99. There's also BetterWhite Professional Teeth Whitening Strips for £14.99.