Jeremy Clarkson's Diddly Squat Farm Shop is set for a temporary closure, confirmed by an official Instagram post from the establishment itself. This comes ahead of Clarkson's return to television next month with his new series of Clarkson's Farm.

According to the post, followers were advised that the farm shop would not be open on Wednesday 24th April. A statement read: "Important announcement," "Diddly Squat Farm Shop will be closed for the day on Wednesday 24th April. We will be closed this Wednesday, reopening as usual on Thursday. Really sorry for any inconvenience."

Understandably, fans flooded the comments querying as to why the shop was closing, the Express reports. One shared their sadness saying, "That makes me sad. I love DIDDLY! " and another enquired: "Is everything closed? Shop and cafe?"

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On a lighter note, one follower quipped: "It's farm, not farm... Did you run out of eggs.." A further saddened fan stated; "Oh no Was planning on bringing my husband down for a birthday farm visit." In good humour, someone else retorted: "That's fine, I couldn't have made it anyway."

The announcement of the farm shop's temporary shutdown follows another setback for Jeremy, as revealed in a sneak peek of the forthcoming series of Clarkson's Farm. The ex-Top Gear presenter was confronted with an enforcement notice demanding the cessation of restaurant or cafe services at Diddly Squat Farm, leaving Jeremy visibly irate.

"Enforcement notice. Cease use of any part of the land as a restaurant or a cafe," Jeremy recited, before incredulously uttering: "What?"

"That's ridiculous," remarked one of his colleagues, clearly frustrated. "After all the hard work we've done, and it's like we're back to the beginning."

Elsewhere in the trailer, the Doncaster-born celebrity is seen tending to his pigs following the arrival of a new litter of piglets. But the situation quickly deteriorates as Jeremy discloses: "One of them is as weak as hell."

In a distressing development, he later shows Lisa two piglets that have tragically passed away. Upon seeing the lifeless piglets, Lisa gasps: "Oh no," and is overcome with emotion, tearfully cradling the tiny creatures.

Clarkson's Farm is set to return to Amazon Prime Video on May 3.