Here's how to track London Marathon runners and see results after the 2024 race. The iconic London Marathon is set to take place today (Sunday, April 21), with thousands of dedicated runners ready to put their months of rigorous training into action along the renowned route.

As they pound the pavements, countless friends and family members will be eagerly following their progress, either cheering them on from the sidelines or tracking their journey from home.

The official TCS London Marathon app can be downloaded for free on Apple here or Android devices here. If you're participating in the marathon, this handy tool allows you to monitor your progress and record your run if you have your phone with you. Plus, you can share your live location with up to three people so they can keep an eye on your real-time progress.

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However, if you'd rather not lug your phone around during the race, there's another way for your supporters to stay updated on your whereabouts, and for your splits and overall race time to be recorded. It all comes down to the chip you'll be wearing, usually located in your bib, reports MyLondon.

How to track a runner

Once you've downloaded the TCS London Marathon app, you can search for a runner using either their name or bib number. You can track multiple runners by adding them to your tracking list.

Runners are tracked via chips in their bibs which are picked up by monitors every 5km.

Thus, when a participant crosses the 5km marker, their time will be recorded, providing an estimated completion time based on their 5km splits. If a runner carries a phone, they can share their live location with up to three individuals, enabling real-time tracking.

How to view your results

In the days following the event, the London Marathon website will update its results page with the 2024 finishing times. You'll be able to search for runners by name and race number.

If you believe your time is inaccurate, you can complete the online form to request a review.