A woman has shared the four beauty products that helped improve her acne after years of 'trying everything'. Baylee, also known as Baysbadankadonk on TikTok, explained her acne flared up at school when she started taking birth control.

Her 'bad' skin caused her confidence to plummet and reach an “all time low”. Taking to TikTok, Baylee shared an image of how severe her acne was, which left her not wanting to leave her house.

Having tried every product “under the sun”, she finally discovered four 'life-saving' products - including one she calls her ‘holy grail’. She credits Drunk Elephant's TLC Glycolic Night Serum 30ml as the reason her acne managed to recover.

Baylee said: “It’s a little pricey, but trust that it literally works so well.” Drunk Elephant's TLC Glycolic Night Serum 30ml is available for £80 at Boots.

Baylee explained that since her acne has calmed down, she also uses La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Duo+M Anti-Blemish Corrective Gel Moisturiser. It is on sale for £16.72 at Boots, £16.70 at Superdrug or £20.90 at Sephora UK .

She also recommended The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% for 'getting rid of her acne scars'. It is currently priced at £11 at Boots.

You can also find it at Cult Beauty , LookFantastic and Space NK . For a mask, Baylee says Drunk Elephant's F-Bal Electrolyte Waterfacial 50ml (£48 at Boots) has also worked for her.

Baylee’s ‘holy grail’ serum is formulated with glycolic, tartaric, lactic, citric, and salicylic acids and blended with raspberry extract and horse chestnut. The Drunk Elephant TLC Glycolic Night Serum 30ml’s Framboos helps curb excess oiliness on the skin.

The serum has an average 4.6 out of five star rating at Boots - 92 per cent of shoppers said they would recommend this product. Bjeaner said: “Applied nightly, this pink lady has redefined my skin!

Drunk Elephant TLC Glycolic Night Serum 30ml
Baylee credits the Drunk Elephant TLC Glycolic Night Serum for 'saving' her skin

"Texture is smoother and pores consistently get tighter and less visible! There was a small window of pore purging, but if your pores are constricting, it would make sense that they need to hoe out the crud inside. Now it is compliments a plenty! But if only I could keep my hands of this baby smooth surface!!"

Colleen commented: “This is a game changer. I have been using this consistently for about four weeks. It has made my skin much clearer, smoother and brighter. Thank you!” Brens agreed: “My skin looks so much healthier since I’ve been using this product.”

However, Keithsmobiledj said: “I didn't notice that it made a difference to my skin. It also stings when applied don't know if that was normal or not. It never broke my face out. I like the other Drunk Elephant products."

It can also be found at Sephora for £80, Space NK for £80 . As well as Cult Beauty (£80), LookFantastic (£78) , and Amazon (£68.98).

Baylee’s video has been viewed over a massive 1.1 million times. Other acne sufferers shared their experiences and suggestions in the replies.

Callie said: “The ordinary azelaic acid alone gets rid of my breakouts, swear by it.” Car wrote: “I use effaclar duo by la roche posay and I LOVE LOVE LOVE." Smessiejessie commented: “For the scarring use vitamin c serum it's literally a godsend of a product.”

However not everyone had the same experience as Baylee with the Drunk Elephant TLC Glycolic Night Serum 30ml, as Em said: “The drunk elephant glycolic night serum made me acne 10 times worse.”

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% comes highly recommended. Priced at just £5, the serum boasts a 4.3 out of five star rating from 1,857 reviews.

Staceedee said: “I have loved this product for years and years! I love the cost point, the effect it has on my skin and how easily accessible it is to buy! If I stop using it for any reason, I see a visible difference to my skin! I travel a lot for personal and work reasons and recently started purchasing two bottles so I can have one at home and one on the road.”

Other serums good for acne and blemish prone skin include Glow Recipe’s Strawberry Smooth BHA + AHA Salicylic Serum 30ml for £38 at Sephora UK , La Roche-Posay Effaclar Serum 30ml at Boots for £32 , and the Byoma Clarifying Serum (£12.99 from Boots) .