Fans of Britain's Got Talent fear the returning ITV show has "officially hit a new all time low" just minutes into the latest episode. Britain’s Got Talent returned to ITV for its 17th series on Saturday evening (April 20), with Simon Cowell joined by Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and Bruno Tonioli, along with hosts Ant and Dec.

The series opened with a light-hearted party to celebrate the show's return before diving into its first act. The first act, singing group RASK AI, used AI and cameras to put the judges' faces on screens to perform The Greatest Show from the 2017 film.

The judges were amused by their virtual performances mixed with the act's vocals and Bruno was also confused how they managed to acquire their faces. The crowd were also in awe of the creative use of AI.

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While the judges and crowd loved the act, viewers at home were bemused at the opening act. Many feared that the returning series has lost its touch and was no longer as good as previous years.

One damning comment reads: "BGT has officially hit a new all time low - this is awful" while another wrote: "AI's Got Talent". Another said: "Can ITV do a show without anything from the greatest showman in it? No"

X user TVqueertiques shared: "If that’s really what they’ve gone with to open the show… I’m already worried for the rest of the series."

Gemma Ross wrote: "Years ago #BGT used to be half decent but now it's the same staged skits every year with acts that are clearly hand-picked from social media. Time to draw a line."

Despite viewers' bemused reactions, the judges were enthusiastic for them to progress to the next round. Simon Cowell said it was "really really good" while Amanda Holden raved about the performance.

Britain's Got Talent is on every Saturday at 7.30pm on ITV1.